Multicultural Summertime Villa Marriage ceremony in CaliforniaEmelyn & JorgeAugust 18 San Juan Capistrano, California ?~~~~~~~~Q & A with the Bride :1 ralph lauren furniture . What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?We knew it was the one as soon as we walked out to the courtyard and saw the canopy of big beautiful trees draped over the reception tables, the natural stone floor ralph lauren shoes men , grapevines growing on the walls, and dark hardwood floors in the casita. I could go on forever. The Villa is both rustic and chic, and nothing like we had previously seen in our search for a venue. ?

It's absolutely stunning.2. Which three details from your wedding ceremony were your favorites?The basilica we were married in. It is one of the most breathtaking churches I have ever stepped foot in, and it's the one and only marriage detail my husband asked to be in charge of. Great job babe! Secondly, my Nonna's (that's grandma in Italian) rosary bracelet. I lost my Nonna months before my marriage day, so incorporating her rosary into my bouquet meant a lot to me.
Lastly, using my parents lasso from their marriage day thirty-two years ago. It represented tradition, culture, and a bond that has kept them in love for so many years. That type of love is seldom seen these days, and I admire that. 3. Give us the one moment in your marriage day you can't stop thinking about. This is a tough one! There were so many beautiful memories from that day.

From my very emotional father daughter dance having my dad scoop me up into his arms at the end of the dance, only to hand me over to my husband. That brought on both tears of joy and laughter or sitting up at the altar, having sweaty palms as my husband and I held hands and quietly whispering to each other we did it, we're married! The great thing about having a semi-small marriage ceremony is being surrounded by family and friends who truly exude love and happiness. It's an out of this world feeling. ralph lauren polo Vendors: Photography: Petula Pea Photography.